The Journey Intensive With Annette Nolan

A Profoundly Transformational 2 Day Experience
Jan 11th – 12th 2020 King City, Ontario
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For over 20 years, The Journey has been offering cutting edge seminars and retreats, allowing anyone to personally experience the power of The Journey Method. Thousands of people from all backgrounds have already experienced the miracle of their body’s own power to heal from physical, emotional and mental conditions. Find out how you can do the same, attending one of our Journey Experience events this year.


Emotional Wellbeing, Relationships, Physical
Health & More

In Just 2 Days You Can Transform Your Life &
Set Yourself Free!

The 2 day Journey Intensive has been carefully designed to reveal your full potential and discover how to harness your body’s own power to heal.

During the course of this event you’ll be able to release deep emotional blocks, disempowering beliefs and limiting vows. Many times they have been hidden in the subconscious.

Using the deeply transforming process work using The Journey Method, you’ll be leaving the event free to enjoy more peace of mind, experience greater joy of being, and begin to live from your deepest potential of love, not fear.

As a Journey Experience Graduate you will also qualify to attend many of The Journey’s advanced level courses and retreats.

Why Are People Attending The Journey Intensive?

We live in strange and confusing times. As a society, we have more than ever, yet so many experience an emptiness and longing and are looking for answers to life’s problems in new ways.

So people come to The Journey Intensive for a host of reasons. Many feel stuck in their lives, and feel as if they’re held back from achieving their full potential.

Others come to finally resolve relationship issues that have impacted their life, address health and well-being issues, many being able to even clear depression, which is so common today.

Still others want to connect deeper with their inner self and are looking for spiritual advancement and liberation.

Whatever your personal life challenges, The Journey Intensive can help you become healthier, happier, more connected with yourself and others, and free to live life as you choose.

You will be able to:

  • Clear out unhealthy cell memories
  • Leave your past behind
  • Re-write your destiny

Is it finally time to change your life? 

What Kind Of Experience
Is Possible?

A Personal Process
That’s Unique To You

The Journey Intensive has proven to be effective in all areas of your life as it gives you direct access to the unconscious subliminal programs that have been running your life up to now. And only you hold the key!

At the live event you’ll be guided through range of unique processes, discovered and developed by Brandon Bays that lets you find that key and uproot old, disempowering habits and create space for conscious awareness instead.

From our experience and over twenty years of work in the transformational field teaching hundreds of thousands of people, no other healing modality is faster or more effective.

After just three days of searing honesty, tears and laughter, you’ll finally be able to leave your old habits well and truly behind.

You’ll leave free to feel your emotions fully, enjoy the power to choose your actions consciously, and be able to deal with life situation from a place of love and compassion, freeing you from the fear and doubt of the thinking mind.


In just two days –
you will begin to transform your life for good in all these areas…

Sometimes the hardest part about change is taking your first steps.
We’ve got them covered. Let’s do it together.

Hosted At – It’s All About You

At our integrative Wellness Centre located in the rolling hills just north of Toronto. Surrounded by trees, wildlife and horse farms it is a peaceful oasis literally minutes away from urban life. 

Our team of healthcare professionals are dedicated to bringing awareness and effective treatments and tools to facilitate, nurture and support  your body, mind and spirit. On site we offer two large event rooms and a ‘Retreat House’ for those that want a beautiful getaway. The grounds offer multiple seating options and lots of wild flowers. Wildlife abounds.

With inspirational people surrounding you, a truly supportive environment and the energy you need to breakthrough. It’s time to take the leap!

Your Self Investment Price

Your Teacher & Host

Annette Nolan

Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner and Presenter, Certified Visionary Leadership Coach

Journey™, Journey™ with Children, Telephone Processes, Mentoring, Workshop Presenter, Speaker

A gentle and intuitive practitioner, Annette Nolan has helped many people get in touch with the inner wisdom and guidance we all possess. Softly, and with great compassion, she leads her clients to this place where profound and life changing insights are possible and occur often.

In her sessions, Annette uses various modalities, including The Journey™ process pioneered by Brandon Bays, to help her clients achieve a sense of peace. Her mandate is to lead her clients to the freedom that is naturally present when they release the patterns that they run and that run them.

You could spend years trying to breakthrough by yourself! But that’s the whole point of these events, experience what you need to in days, not years.

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