Conscious Abundance Retreat
Guided By Annette Nolan

Most Abundance courses teach us how to attain what we want from life. So why is it that some things come true and some not? The Conscious Abundance Retreat offers a unique insight into how you’ve been blocking abundance from flowing and how to increase the attainable flow again.

July 17 – 19, 2020
King City, Ontario

This course will be both online and in person.

Prerequisite: Journey Intensive or Journey Experience

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Clear your hidden limitations and manifest true abundance in all areas of your life

In a joyful and heartfelt 2 ½ days retreat, join us for a unique insight into the deeper truths.

You will realize how and which exact areas you’ve been living in with one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brake. As you clear the blocks in your life you will be making room to increase the flow of abundance, naturally.

You could spend years trying to breakthrough by yourself! Experience what you need to in days, not years surrounded, supported and guided by the wisdom of the Journey Process – getting you to where you desire in life!

Sometimes the hardest part about change is taking your first steps. We’ve got them covered!

Conscious Abundance Starts Where Other Programs End…

On the first day of your retreat you will reveal your own blocks in your thinking.

This can include negative beliefs, deep seated concepts of how you view your life which keep you in a certain pattern of functioning, any fears, self esteem or self worth beliefs.

To move forward looking into ourselves to create the change, rooting out and clearing the ‘silent saboteurs’ that have unconsciously undermined your dreams and desires.

Spring-clean your soul

Once your personal blocks have been revealed, you’ll experience a liberating, deep spring-clean of all the self-denying patterns buried deep inside you.

You’ll also experience a profound and deep gratitude for all that you already have in your life, as well as understanding how to manifest more.

If you want more from life, including your career, relationships and family life, Conscious Abundance will show you the way.

Is It Finally Time To Manifest Your True Desires?

At the Conscious Abundance Retreat you will…

  • Expose and clear the mistaken beliefs that have sabotaged abundance in your life
  • Fulfill your potential to manifest abundance effortlessly, in all areas of your life
  • Discover your heart’s deepest desire and envision a brand new, more fulfilling life
  • Brainstorm a dynamic action plan that gives you practical ways to encourage abundance to flourish in your life

Sometimes the hardest part about change is taking your first steps.
We’ve got them covered. Let’s do it together.

What graduates of Conscious Abundance are saying

“This course changed my life! Almost everything that I desired, envisioned and brought into consciousness during this weekend program has come to fruition since attending the Conscious Abundance Retreat.

I have taken my private life coaching practice to a new level and I am both thriving personally and financially. I have moved across the country with my husband, who landed his dream job in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia. We now live close to both of our adult kids and get to spend quality time with them. I manifested not one new dream home but two. One is the spacious, light filled sanctuary in a quiet town with beautiful mountain views and surrounded by lakes. The other is in the high altitude, deep in the mountains at the exclusive ski lodge that my husband manages. Both afford me to work for myself with clients virtually from deeply inspiring locations. I am travelling often and enjoying adventures that I’d never imagined would be possible.

I am continuing to expand into possibilities and grow my capacity to feel joy more consistently and frequently. As a result of Annette’s powerful teachings and what’s yet to come, I continue to willingly unravel truths and the lies that wiggle their way in. My heartfelt thank you to Annette for bringing me into your It’s All About You community!”

Julie Veitch, CPCC
Intuitive Business Mentor

Hosted At – It’s All About You

The Conscious Abundance Retreat is being held at the Wellness Centre “It’s All About You” located in the serene natural country side of King City, Ontario (approximately 45 mins north of Toronto).

Beginning with a nutritious light supper on Friday we begin our retreat and end Sunday after supper. Onsite accommodations are available and offered at our Guest Retreat House.

It is recommend staying local in order to completely immerse yourself into the weekend retreat for the deepest and most liberating experience.

With inspirational people surrounding you, a truly supportive environment and the energy you need to breakthrough. It’s time to take the leap!

Your Self Investment Price

You could spend years trying to breakthrough by yourself! But that’s the whole point of these events, experience what you need to in days, not years.

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